Chatswood Park

Project Type

Public Park


Willoughby Council

Nestled below the treetops, this playground embraces the site features to create an interesting, subtle, natural play space in the dappled shade. 

This project was constructed by Urban Landscape Projects Pty. Ltd. for Willoughby Council and managed by Nathan Hunter (ULP Construction Manager) to be completed on time and on budget.

The Landscaping included a mix of soil works, excavation and grading, stone work, edging, concrete works, plumbing, site furniture, signage, timber work, paving, play equipment installation, plumbing, drainage, turfing and planting works.

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T 02 9958 1988


2-4 Prentice Lane
Willoughby NSW 2068

ABN 32 626 400 833

Lic. # 326557C

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